• 8.4”TFT LCD.
  • it’s capable to control 6-Axes
  • Provides interpolations to satisfy the requirements of wood processing.
  • Various wood machine standard functions are provided.
  • Supports customized operational interface of wood machine
  • Supports USB drive.

LNC-MW5800A standard wood machine controller is able to strengthen the durability and heat dissipation from fanless design, which can against hash external environment efficiently, also enhance the stability of usage. The integrated operation panel which includes MDI, function key and durable membrane keyboard, those configurations bring operators better tactile experience. Advantech-LNC develop the regulatory core of MW5800A exclusively, it can enhance operational efficiency automatically, so that it’s more speedy and powerful. The visual enjoyments are also provided, such as high-quality 3D appearance and 8.4” high resolution full color big screen, both practical function and visual comfort are taking into account in this series. This is dedicated system of woodworking machine, contrapose woodworking industry , the exusive operational image and dedicated function are both  designed, also dustproof function of OP operation panel is provide for woodworking industry.

Monitor(萤幕) 8.4"
Pulse Command Axis Control port(轴向埠) 6
DA Output(DA 输出) 2
MPG Port( MPG 埠) 1
Input(输入点数) 40
Output(输出点数) 32
Front USB Port(前置USB口)
Front EtherNET Port(前置网路口)
LED Tool No. Display(LED刀号显示) --
Path Control(Max.)控制系统数 1
Maximum Axis Control(最大控制轴数) 8
Simtaneously Axis Control(最大同动轴数) 6
Cloud Monitoring System(云端监控软体)