• Maximum control 32 axis at the same time(Optional)
  • Maximum operate 6 programs at the same time(Optional)
  • Built-in man-machine function, touch screen operation.
  • Use GM coding motion trail, combine with program syntax to process procedure control.
  • Built-in PLC function, processing real-time IO monitoring and logical real-time response.
  • Built-in multi communication protocol, can integrate peripheral devises quickly.
  • Built-in high-speed communication function, PC connection is proved for integrating production line.

The Advantech LNC has developed a CNC kernel controller with an oper human-machine interface(HMI). The LNC-APAC6800 controller provides Open HMI function to make design more flexible for automation control and for Industry machine which traditionally use HMI device and CNC controller.
Different from PLC which controls flow with state-machine programming method, the APA controllers provide sequential macro languages to shorten development time and upgrade the machine to higher level with its motion control of CNC level. The APAC controllers include support for multiple communication protocols, which allows collaboration between multiple machines and the integration with peripheral devices. The LNC-APAC6800 controller enables more efficient machine operation!

Fast I(快速I点) 2
IO Port(IO连接埠) 20 In/16 Out
MPG Port( MPG 埠) Maximum 6-Axis
OP Port(OP连接埠) Maximum 80In/80Out
Output Voltage(输出电压) -10V~10V
Front USB Port(前置USB口)