• Fieldbus type IO has excellent long distance interference ability.
  • High quality rlay has long product life.
  • Remove sparkle effectivety to extend relay’s life
  • Input point can switch NPN/PNP.
  • Input power overload protection
  • Anti-interference circuit design is capable of avoide enter irrelevant signal.
  • Input, output signal light are provided to debug easily.

SIOA1760R IO board is able to resist hash envirorment and enhance it's stability and durability, through rigorousness and durable test to ensure the high quality of relay. Optimized circuit design can improve noise signal, and remove the sparkle resulting from relay pull-in, to extend relay’s life. Small size and simple wiring bring customers better distribution experience. For implementing Industry 4.0 specifically, controller can connect servo drivers easily through support multiple fieldbus, and become a small workstation which only use one controller to control several machines. Also, through support fieldbus type IO board, the ability of anti-interference performance in long distance is better and easier to connect distant peripheral devices.

Input Voltage (输入电压) DC24.0V+/-10%
Acceptable Current (容许电流) --
Input(输入点数) 16
Output(输出点数) 16
Input Spec.(输入规格) DC24V
Optical Coupler Inputs(光耦合器输入) NPN/PNP Switchable
Output Spec.(输出规格) Relay outputs spec AC250 2A/ DC30V 2A