• Supports USB drive
  • Teaching box integrated HMI, MOT and PLC module to simplify wiring.
  • Built-in roller can make operation easily
  • Touch control screen
  • Magnetically mounted design
  • Teaching box has double side outlet, which meet every users habit.
  • Waterproof and dustproof are certified with IP65
  • Supports maximum 6 axle.
  • Digital type communication is used to increase ability to resist irrelevant signals.
  • Provides open HMI( Human machine interface) software to do second development and customized design.
  • Cartesian coordinate robot control system-Fieldbus type

LNC provides a brand new economic product R6200A, which integrated all module in one teaching box, and significantly simplify wiring to save the space of device efficiently. Through the patented mechanism to reach high quality guarantee such as anti-impact and waterproof.  Second development of PLC is also offered, which meets differentiation demands from our clients. In short, R6200A is a controller combines brilliant performance with flexible development function to satisfy innovation requirements in market.

Front USB Port(前置USB口)
Optical Coupler Inputs(光耦合器输入) NPN/PNP Switchable
Output(输出点数) 48
Built-In MPG(内置手轮)
Fieldbus Type(总线型式) MECHATROLINK- II/ RTEX/ EtherCAT
Input(输入点数) 53
Monitor(萤幕) 7"