• Supports USB drive
  • Teaching box integrated HMI, MOT and PLC module to simplify wiring.
  • Built-in roller can make operation easily
  • Touch control screen
  • Magnetically mounted design
  • Teaching box has double side outlet, which meet every users habit.
  • Waterproof and dustproof are certified with IP65
  • Supports maximum 5 axle.

A-LNC’s R6000 is a powerful control system of linear robot, which integrated HMI( Human machine interface), MOT and PLC(Programmable Logic Controller) on only one mainframe, the humanized operator pages can shorten the leaning time significantly. In addition, the system has not only applied to pick-up machine of injection molding widely, but also has been used for many other industries such as pick-up machine for lathe, die casting as well as automation project. To conclude, R6000 has excellent comments whether in quality or cost-performance ratio.

Output(输出点数) 48
Built-In MPG(内置手轮)
Front USB Port(前置USB口)
Input(输入点数) 53
Monitor(萤幕) 7"
Optical Coupler Inputs(光耦合器输入) NPN/PNP Switchable
Pulse Command Axis Control port(轴向埠) 5